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The Children’s Trust Fund concept was first conceived and championed by Dr. Ray E. Helfer, M.D., from Michigan, an internationally renowned pediatrician in the field of child abuse and neglect prevention.

Dr. Helfer saw trust funds used to care for our nation’s highways and wildlife and thought, “Why not our nation’s children … our most precious resource?” His idea has been the catalyst for the development of a nationwide network of community-based child abuse prevention programs supported by state Children’s Trust and Prevention Funds.

Helfer-KansasThe first Children’s Trust Fund was created in 1980 in Kansas. Dr. Helfer (right) congratulates the Governor of Kansas for passing legislation to establish the Kansas Children's Trust Fund. Soon afterward, most of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico passed legislation to establish a children’s trust or prevention fund.

State trust and prevention funds receive revenue from a variety of sources such as surcharge fees on marriage licenses or other vital records, individual and corporate fundraising and state and federal resources.

The National Alliance of Children's Trust & Prevention Funds was established in 1989 to serve children's trust and prevention funds throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.


Honoring Our Past

As the National Alliance of Children’s Trust and Prevention Funds celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2009, it reflected on the Alliance’s journey as a national voice for child abuse prevention and on some of the key milestones of the child abuse prevention movement. This publication provides a history of the Alliance and the overall child abuse prevention movement.

  • Download "Honoring Our Past" here.