Resources For Action Series


The Alliance is pleased to share with you a series of resources that were developed as a result of its collaborative partnerships with some members of the ECI Learning Community. All were developed with funding support provided by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and are available at no cost.

The Alliance expresses appreciation to the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF) for supporting the development of the valuable resources resulting from these partnerships. The DDCF improves the quality of people’s lives through grants supporting the performing arts, wildlife conservation, medical research and the prevention of child maltreatment, and through preservation of the cultural and environmental legacy of Doris Duke’s properties.

Community Cafés: Revealing Unforeseen Partnerships.

In Alaska and other states, Community Cafés are proving to be a powerful approach to creating partnerships with the potential to strengthen families and communities. A short paper introduces a DVD that tells the story of a diverse group of parents and community members in an Alaska community as they gather for conversations that really matter. The Alaska Children’s Trust created this chronicle to encourage others interested in Community Cafés to delve deeper into this approach.

Alaska CC page

Tools for Hosting a Parent-Led Special Event: Parent to Parent – Inspiring Hope.

The Alaska Children’s Trust, the Alaska Office of Children’s Services and Strengthening Families Alaska partnered together to design a guide for interested teams who dream of a day where parents are recognized for their strengths, supported in their concerns and connected by their stories. This toolkit shares steps to create an engaging Parent’s Day, providing examples of forms and activities for both large and small groups. The flow of the day is built upon the Strengthening Families Protective Factors framework in a gentle, informative and engaging way. These tools will enable teams to design and host a Parent’s Day to fit their vision for their own community.

Alaska Toolkit

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