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Better Together

The National Alliance of Children’s Trust and Prevention Funds (Alliance) is the national training center for Better Together: Building Blocks to Successful Partnerships. This includes technical assistance in developing parent partnerships and a workshop initially developed by Casey Family Programs.

Better Together: Building Blocks to Successful Partnerships

The Alliance works with organizations and community groups interested in hosting Better Together workshops in their local areas. This is a two-day experiential workshop that fosters equal, mutually respectful partnerships among foster parents, birth parents and staff.

The core components of the program include:

  1. The benefits of partnering with constituents
  2. Key aspects of meaningful partnerships
  3. The value of interacting with other participants to learn from each other and understand others’ perspectives
  4. Exploring culture as it relates to foster care and meaningful partnerships
  5. The importance of developing a vision of effective partnerships by discussing the skills needed and identifying the barriers and bridges to partnerships.

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Please email: for more information on how the Alliance can assist you in bringing Better Together to your community or state.

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