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Early Childhood Initiative: Learning Community

The Early Childhood Initiative is a learning community of 27 states. Led by their state children's trust fund, each state is implementing Strengthening Families by integrating the protective factors framework into state early care and learning systems.

All of the 27 states in the Learning Community meet annually to share lessons learned, expand their expertise and address emerging opportunities.

2009/2010 Learning Community Agreements

In preparation for the submission of 2009-2010 ECI Learning Community Agreements, states have identified primary and secondary prioritized strategies of focus. Cluster groups are currently underway that facilitate the development of "So That" chains for each strategy and that translate into concrete action plans to be incorporated into the Learning Community Agreements.

In June 2009, states that have completed their agreements with work/action plans will have the opportunity to apply for one of 12 mini-grants ($5,000 each with 50% cash match). Requests for these funds will be linked directly to activities identified in the work/action plans for the identified strategies and, ultimately, to the intermediate and long-term goals defined in the ECI Theory of Change.

ECI/LC Cluster Groups

Interactive calls have been scheduled for the various Cluster Groups to provide an opportunity to work together on completing "So That" chains for identified strategies and to begin the process of translating these into a concrete Action/Work Plan for each identified strategy. We will work together to help states meet the 2009 deadline to have all of the preparatory work for their Learning Community Agreements completed.

The table below outlines the different Cluster Groups and states that have identified primary and secondary strategies for 2009/2010:

Cluster Group Prioritized state Strategies
Training & Education Primary Focus = GA, ME, NH, NJ, RI, SC
Secondary Focus = AR, OH, OK, PA, VA, WI
Grantees of Children's Trust Funds Primary Focus = CT, LA, MA, MN, NB, VA, WI
Secondary Focus = KS, NJ, RI, SC, WA, WV
Quality Rating & Improvement Systems Primary Focus = ID, OH, PA
Secondary Focus = LA, ME
Pilot Sites Primary Focus = AK, KS, OK, WV
Secondary Focus = GA, TN
Community Cafe Primary Focus = AR, TN, WA
Secondary Focus = AK, MO
Family, Friends & Neighbors Primary Focus = MO
Secondary Focus = CT, MN

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