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Effective Partnerships with Parents

The Alliance is impacting practice, programs and policies by supporting effective partnerships with parents, creating opportunities for stronger parent voices, and leveraging family strenthening efforts.



Developing an Effective Parent Partnership Knowledge Base

Effective children’s trust and prevention funds, early care and education programs and programs that work with families are seeking to build better partnerships with parents. Frequent questions include:

  • What are some differences between providing parent leadership opportunities and building parent partnerships
  • Why is partnering with parents critical for successful child maltreatment prevention efforts?
  • How do we develop better relationships and sustain partnerships with parents?
  • What are the benefits for families, programs or agencies?
  • How do we avoid the common pitfalls?

Building and Sustaining Effective Parent Partnerships: Stages of Development

The Alliance understands the importance of creating powerful partnerships among parents, providers, policymakers, funders and others to support positive outcomes for children and families. This publication describes stages of development in partnering with parents. Download this publication here.

Applying Knowledge to Build Effective Parent Partnerships

Learn more about the nuts and bolts of applying successful strategies for building and sustaining parent partnerships in children’s trust or prevention funds, family strengthening programs or community based initiatives.

Interested in tools and support to develop your own plan for growth in this arena? Contact us at

Implementing Community Cafes in Your Area

Learn about an approach that combines strong parent partnerships and effective leadership skill-building to promote critical protective factors for families and their children. For more information on Community Cafés, how they could be useful to your efforts, and how to start them in your area click here.

Alliance National Parent Partnership Council (ANPPC)

The goal of the National Alliance of Children’s Trust and Prevention Funds is to support state children’s trust and prevention funds (CTFs) in expanding the meaningful and authentic roles of parent leaders and to model those strategies in the Alliance’s work at the national level. As one strategy to support this goal, the Alliance created the Alliance National Parent Partnership Council (ANPPC)

ANPPC is committed to serving as a national model for effectively partnering with parents and expanding and integrating the powerful role of parent leaders in state children’s trust and prevention funds and community-based programs. The council consists of parent leader representatives who are familiar with the work of their state children’s trust and prevention funds and who are committed to assisting parents, staff and community members in building effective partnerships. For more information about the role of an ANPPC member or to learn more about our current council members click here.

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