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Reframing: Effective Communication for creating change

The Alliance, Children’s Trust Funds and others in the field are engaging the general public and influencing public policy by embracing and shifting messages from prevention to promotion.

dadThe Alliance is moving from a deficit model focusing on preventing child abuse and neglect to a strengths-based model focusing on promoting safe, stable, nurturing families. This reframing* requires a shift in the way we think about our work and the way we communicate about it.

Key strategies include:

  • Working across all levels of the Social Ecological Model
  • Working collaboratively with Children’s Trust Funds, other national organizations and federal partners to create this shift to strengths-based thinking and messages
  • Leading efforts to celebrate and build on family strengths, acknowledging and supporting families, especially when they are under stress and without sufficient resources
  • Promoting the importance of the entire community in strengthening and nurturing families
  • Advocating for public policies that support strong families and communities

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* Framing relates to values and ideas that influence perceptions and opinions. Reframing is creating a fresh message to process new information.

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